MAC Rabbit Online Auction

September 11th – 18th, 2022

Hello and Welcome to the SECOND ONLINE RABBIT AUCTION from MAC RABBITS and guest consignors Emma Fey and Cheryl Mudrack.

We have put together 30 lots of high preforming top quality Californian and White New Zealand rabbits for your review.

Please Read the Terms and Conditions for this auction before bidding. Signing up and receiving a bidders number for this auction signifies you have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions.

Bidding will begin on September 11th and end with a soft timed close on Sunday, September 18th.

Thanks again for visiting and as always HAPPY BIDDING!!

If you have any questions about the auction format, please contact Auction Manager Aaron at or call 260-229-8949. If you have any questions about the rabbits or pickup/delivery options, please contact Cathy McDevitt and/or Marley Heritier at or call (260) 229-7145.

New Zealand 6/8 Doe – Lot 26

New Zealand 6/8 Doe – Lot 28

New Zealand 6/8 Doe
– Lot 30