March 15th Products Online Auction

– Kayak, LEGO┬« model sets, Toys, & Housewares – Welcome to the largest offering from the Products Division yet. We have found a new vendor and have some really good items for your review this week. This auction once again has items from WayFr, AMZ, WallyWorld and more including products like kitchen pans and appliances,Continue reading “March 15th Products Online Auction”

March 8th Products Online Auction

– Kayak, Toys, Candy, & General Merchandise – Thank you for checking out this week’s offering from Columbia Auction Products. We have a large group of store returns, shelf pulls and lost shipment items from retailers like CVS, WallyWorld, and AMZ. We have more home supplies, kids toys, candy, clothing, baby supplies, and so muchContinue reading “March 8th Products Online Auction”